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*(8) HD Online Course Videos (63 Mins.) SWP, LLC has developed a program that will enable others to access our video programs. The information provided is based on how the world operates and not the way the it claims or is presented. These products are not limited to any single industry because it can be applied to many. This program provides information that is not available in traditional learning platforms.

Our program addresses the many tactics and methods used against the aspiring youth and entrepreneurs.

This program is not only beneficial to future generations, but it can be used as a fundraising opportunity. The program allows for purchaser to resell or accept donations for comic strips and publication. Note: Videos are not including in reselling agreement but you can charge your constituents a small admin fee.

Your students and aspiring youth will love the opportunity to discuss fun topics that affect their daily lives and interest. We educate while using a direct approach, honesty and humor to create much needed dialogue on important subject matters. Your students will love the opportunity to discuss fun topics that affect their daily lives and interest. Watch their faces as they laugh from the enjoyment of learning from others shared experiences. I assure you this won't be a one-way conversation!

What makes this program wonderful is that years from now there will always be predators and those who use unethical practices to bully and deceive so there will always be a need for this program.

SWP, LLC provides special pricing for educational organizations. To qualify for educational pricing, you must email: or

8 Videos (63 mins.),

Welcome video 00:01:48
Online Course Introduction 00:04:21
Lesson 1: You're Talented, Now What 00:06:02
Lesson 2: The Gatekeepers 00:16:38
Lesson 3: Are You Properly Aligned€ 00:07:08
Lesson 4: Finding Legal Representation 00:08:27
Lesson 5: Identifying the Traps 00:08:50
Lesson 6: What's in your Contract€ 00:10:16

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Let's ensure that future generations across the globe will have a chance to become fully equipped and prepare them to make well-informed decisions regarding their career path. Offer our program and Become a Catalyst for Change!

Platinum Packages are for organizational use. They include multiple learning tools designed for Youth organizations to educate large classes or groups on the inner workings of BIG Business (especially, the entertainment industry.

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