The Direct, Uncut Jaw-Dropping Truth about the music business in laypersons terms, spanning 6 pages! This title provides a simplified step-by-step basic guide for aspiring entrepreneurs on preparing to start a career or enter the business world. The information provided in this eBook can be applied to most major industries.

This title provides insight on how to mentally prepare for challenging career in any industry. Learn from others direct experience with big business on how to avoid traps and overcome obstacles in conducting business.

Although this titles is derived from Music, Murder and Mayhem - A True Story! and Music Business: It's a Dirty Game!, it provides more direct information in order to fully enlighten the reader as to the mindset of those 'gatekeepers' and industry personnel that you will meet along your journey.

When it comes to educating others about the dangerous tactics most aspiring artist, writers and producers face, it is serious business for me. The information that we will cover in this course will be invaluable to your career in music.

Millions of aspiring artists, seek to make it in the music business but they have no idea of how to survive the business.

Learning the Business Side of the Music Business! Video Program
Contains: *(8) HD Videos for Youth Program (63 Mins.)


I have developed a youth video program dedicated to educating our youth. A program that will enable others to access videos and publications based on actual experiences with today’s society.

Our program addresses the many tactics and methods used against the aspiring youth and entrepreneurs. There will always be predators and those who use unethical practices to bully, deceive and steal lives. This program can enlighten individuals across many groups This program provides info that is not automatically made available in traditional learning platforms.

Now, available for parents and mentors.

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